Aesthetic Diagnostic Ultrasound Program

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Aesthetic Diagnostic Ultrasound Program

Maki Wellness Center is one of the few med spas now offering diagnostic ultrasound services to evaluate cosmetic procedures. Are you concerned about the results of your recent or prior dermal filler application, PDO thread placement, or swelling related to hematoma or abscess/infection? We can help!
We use a specialized handheld small ultrasound probe to look beneath the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue and dermis, down into the deeper layers, including muscle and bone. Ultrasound is a non-invasive technology in imaging that uses sound waves to investigate body tissues. 
Some applications are shown below:
Diagnostic ultrasound services is a dynamic and exciting technology that will change the face of the skincare industry! Board Certified Radiologist performs all procedures with specialized credentials in diagnostic ultrasound and extensive experience in esthetics. Contact Maki Wellness Center & Medspa to see if a Diagnostic Ultrasound is right for you. Please feel free to call us at 877-344-7737, or you can make an appointment online.


With high-frequency ultrasound in aesthetics and plastic surgery, you can get both qualitative and quantitative data. With ultrasound technology, it is possible to detect the effects of treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation earlier, and new treatments can be validated. 
With the use of diagnostic ultrasound, we can obtain early results. The results make cosmetic adjustments unnecessary.
We use ultrasound to optimize the safety and efficacy of fillers by assessing facial vascularity before injections. We can also evaluate the safety of treatments, such as Botox for wrinkles and fillers for volume.
Diagnostic ultrasound allows us to examine the filler composition and complications rather than relying on educated guesses. For example, we can identify when a filler has been injected too superficially.

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