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$120 Awake (Alert IV)

Water-soluble B-vitamins cross the blood-brain barrier, providing an immediate boost in brain energy while also accelerating the breakdown of homocysteine as a preventative in the viability and growth of brain cells.

Contains: glutamine, ornithine, arginine, lysine, citrulline, and carnitine.

Proprietary Ingredient List: Methyl-B12, B-complex, amino acid blend


B12 can be supplemented in three ways, orally, intramuscularly (IM) with B12 shots and injections, and finally intravenously with IV drips. Oral supplementation of B12 results in slower absorption and delivers only a fraction of the available compound to the body compared to IM or IV use.
The effects of our shots vary between individuals. Most people feel the effects for about one week. The nutrients we provide are water-soluble; the only water-soluble nutrient that has the capability of being stored in the body is vitamin B12, so whatever your body doesn’t readily utilize, it will store for later use.

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