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Is Cryo Slimming Safe?

Is Cryo Slimming Safe

Still not over with those fats? Maybe it’s time for a new change for yourself? Cryo slimming is one of the trendiest and most effective fat-burning procedures to remove fats. If you haven’t heard of this yet, this is the best time to get to know more about it. 

Together with us here at Maki Wellness and Medspa, we’ll help you go through what Cryo slimming is all about. And — especially, if it is safe or not. Move along with us, and stay tuned here in this post.

Everything About Cryo Slimming

Those who wish to eliminate unwanted fat from specific body locations typically have limited options. A rigorous diet and high-intensity workouts are effective unless working with a professional trainer. Still, they do not result in targeted fat reduction in the area of concern. 

The second alternative is liposuction, which can be expensive and invasive. It is therefore not surprising that many individuals choose to do nothing, seek to conceal their weight gain, and battle alone.

Cryo Slimming, a unique new technique, has been developed recently, which is excellent news. Cryo slimming is a simple and effective method for breaking down fat cells that is also noninvasive.

Cryo Slimming is not only non-invasive and non-surgical but also causes no side effects or skin issues. There is no required recovery time.

Cryo Slimming Treatments

In Maki Wellness and MedSpa, there are three options that you can try for Cryo Slimming. Here’s what you can choose: 

CryoSkin Slimming

CryoSkin slimming is frequently used on the abdomen, thighs, and arms to achieve apparent weight loss. One area at a time will be treated. Two minutes of heating at 40 degrees Celsius are followed by 12 minutes of cooling at -8 degrees Celsius. 

The combination of heat and cold aids in fat cell destruction. Thermal shock is a natural method of fat cell destruction. This is an excellent method for rapidly and painlessly decreasing fat on the thighs, stomach, arms, and back. CryoSkin treatments for weight loss typically last 28 minutes.

Depending on the individual’s diet and way of life, the effect may be lasting. Six months following completion of treatment, it is recommended to have two to three maintenance sessions. Many individuals repeat the operation every few years to preserve the results.

CryoSkin Toning

Contrary to Slimming, CryoSkin Toning can simultaneously target many locations during a single treatment. Utilizing cold, CryoSkin Toning enhances microcirculation. It stimulates the creation of collagen, which aids in the elimination of cellulite and the reduction of some inevitable indications of aging.

The therapy will decrease cellulite and halt the aging process. In addition, it will stimulate your metabolism, resulting in an increase in collagen production. A typical Cryoskin Toning session lasts twenty minutes.

Toning and cellulite reduction are more transient procedures. When subzero temperatures are administered to the affected area, they induce vasodilation and stimulate collagen formation, thereby minimizing the appearance of cellulite. If food and activity do not alter, cellulite will reappear.

CryoSkin Facial

The CryoSkin Face is frequently used for cold therapy facial treatments. The popular medicines dilate the facial blood vessels (vasodilation), increasing blood flow and collagen formation and minimizing wrinkles and aging symptoms. 

With this non-surgical facelift, effects are visible immediately after the first session. It is recognized that the therapies increase skin elasticity. Even if the aging process is ongoing, the CryoSkin facial can still be beneficial. 

It can stimulate the creation of primary collagen, elevate the face, and eliminate wrinkles to make you appear younger. The effects of a few sessions will continue for several months. 

By boosting collagen, the therapy diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, closes pores, and increases the skin’s flexibility, giving you the ‘Cryoskin shine’ Unfortunately, the effect will diminish as the aging process progresses.

Cryo Slimming vs. Other Procedures

CryoSlimming is an entirely non-invasive and natural weight loss procedure. Instead of suction, which may be detrimental to the pliability of the skin, the temperature fluctuations that occur during a CryoSlimming process offer an extra toning effect that stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin.

Who Can Benefit from Cryo Slim?

Cryo Slimming is suitable for specific target regions, such as saddle-bags, bat-wings, muffin-tops, and double-chins, which are difficult to eliminate through regular diet and exercise but are not suitable for overall weight loss.

Regular exercise plus a calorie-restricted diet continue to be the most effective long-term strategy for reducing total body weight. Cryo Slimming will significantly boost the body confidence of both men and women by eliminating stubborn pockets of fat and contouring/shaping the body without surgical harm.

Some patients experience positive results after only three to six Cryotherapy sessions, with up to one centimeter lost every session. It is recommended that there be a 14-day interval between treatments to allow for natural excretion.

As with any therapy, a healthy lifestyle and diet will make reaching your physical goals easier.

The Benefits Of Cryo Weight Loss

In addition to being a noninvasive therapy, Cryo Slimming has the following benefits:

  • A painless treatment that might last as little as 30 minutes.
  • Zero downtime is required. It accommodates hurried lifestyles.
  • After just a single treatment, benefits are quantifiable.
  • Less expensive than pricey operations.

Cryo Slimming is a less painful, risk-free, and less frightening alternative to surgical procedures.

How does one feel throughout the treatment?

The treatment begins and concludes with a warming sequence utilizing the Cryostar wand to increase blood flow. At the same time, the cold phase feels like deep tissue ice therapy. In many instances, customers frequently rate their service as comfortable, if not outright pleasurable.

How to achieve the most outstanding results possible?

CryoSlimming is not a replacement for a good diet and proper exercise but rather the secret weapon of any transformation program. 

You should increase your water intake throughout any CryoSlimming session to achieve the best possible results. Additionally, it would be best if patients undergoing CryoSlimming avoid processed sweets as much as possible.

Here’s what you can do to maximize your Cryo Slimming results: 

  1. Avoid all refined carbohydrate sources 2-3 hours before and immediately after a CryoSlimming session.
  2. If possible, avoid sweets for 4-5 hours before and after exercise. This applies to all foods containing carbohydrates, including pasta, rice, pastry, cereal, and fruits. 
  3. A lymphatic cycle lasts fifteen minutes. Ensure your body’s optimal performance throughout this period by drinking enough water. 
  4. Avoid exercising immediately before a session. If you have just done a rigorous workout, it will be more difficult to effectively cool down.

Is it Safe?

Cryo Slimming offers all the benefits of reducing stubborn fat deposits without any inconveniences associated with traditional surgery. It is easy to see why Cryo Slimming is such a popular option, as there is no discomfort, downtime, harmful side effects, or high expense.

This is the safest method for removing unnecessary subcutaneous fat, and the results are measurable from the first session.

Cryo Slimming – The Newest Trend

If you think twice about trying Cryo slimming, don’t hesitate. This treatment is safe and can help you achieve the best of your goals. Contact us here at Maki Wellness and MedSpa for more details. Our staff and doctors are more than willing to help you with your concerns! We hope to see you!


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