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Vincenzo Giuliano

Vincenzo Giuliano


Dr. Giuliano is a 20+year Board-Certified physician who identifies with compassionate and patient-focused healthcare, specializing in precision diagnostic imaging-guided procedures and state-of-the-art esthetics, together with their wife, Makiella.

As a pioneer in diagnostic imaging, he is continually developing new techniques and methods, including very specific and unique handheld ultrasound applications in esthetics and plastic surgery procedures.  He has over a decade of teaching medical professionals and has authored over 40 manuscripts, publications, ebooks, and U.S. Patents.

Dr. Giuliano is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine with post-graduate medical training at Hahnemann University Hospital, Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University, and ABR-Certification in 1998.

He continually strives for patient-focused goals and treatments, with the motto:  

“Trust is the pinnacle of our professional relationship with the client.”

Ultimately, the customized tailored treatment he provides addresses his commitment to long-term solutions and results for his patients using multi-modality techniques and anatomic approaches.
Dr. Giuliano has been the Medical Director and CEO of VINMED for the last 20 years. He uses his specialized radiology training and knowledge of imaging-guided equipment to provide minimally invasive treatment of arthritic and degenerative disorders of the shoulder, knees, and hips using a combination of viscosupplementation, holistic anti-inflammatory agents, and STEM cells (Amniocore). These treatments can decrease the need for oral pain and anti-inflammatory medication, providing improved quality of function for up to 12 months. Since 2014, Dr. Giuliano has been involved with esthetics and wellness as Medical Director of Maki Wellness Center. He has certified training with Allergan, Galderma, PDO Max, Hans Biomedical products. He has introduced the use of diagnostic ultrasound, novel to esthetic practice. 
This involves the specialized use of a hand-held small ultrasound probe to look beneath the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue and dermis, down into the deeper layers, including muscle and bone. Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technology that uses sound waves to visualize body tissues. Some applications include the following.
Dr. Giuliano also uses PLEX-R, the newest non-surgical blepharoplasty technique for treating hooded upper eyelids and lower eyelid laxity, an alternative to surgical treatment. It also can be used to revise prior surgical blepharoplasty and/or unwanted scars.
One of the more exciting new technologies is the PDO thread lift procedure. Dr. Giuliano currently uses FDA-approved MINT PDO threads to achieve a minimally-invasive alternative to surgical midface and jowl lifts using bioresorbable barbed sutures, which provided potential long-term cosmetic results for upkeep to 2 years. Other applications include eyebrow and nose lifts. Non-surgical rhinoplasties can be performed using a combination of fillers and PDO threads in patients either not suitable candidates for surgery or desiring non-surgical options. Lifting procedures can be prepped or augmented using one or more techniques, such as:
Dr. Giuliano also incorporates plasma-rich plasma (RPR) and STEM cell therapies into microneedling techniques for facial rejuvenation and improving scars. 
Finally, wellness is an important therapeutic goal in achieving beauty from the inside out and improving overall health and wellness. Nutritional IV therapies are provided at the center, targeted to boost the immune system, provide micronutrient support and improve energy levels. 

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