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What Facial Is The Best For Acne?

What Facial Is The Best For Acne

If you have acne often, you may feel like you’re always looking for a way to get away from the annoying bumps on your skin. Even though there is no natural cure for acne, facials are often used to calm the symptoms and conditions that come with it. 

At Maki Wellness Center, our skin specialists will tailor a skincare regimen for you. You can always visit us immediately if you or someone you know suffers from acne. But for now, here are a few different facials you could try to help with your acne problems. If you’d like to know more, continue reading this post below!

What is Acne?

Acne is a common skin disorder caused by blocked hair follicles beneath the skin. Sebum is an oil that prevents skin from drying out, and dead skin cells clog pores, causing lesions generally known as pimples or zits. Typically, breakouts appear on the face, although they can also occur on the back, chest, and shoulders.

Why Try Facials For Acne?

Facials can be an excellent solution to stop your acne without going through more profound remedies. Most acne facials promise to alleviate acne by:

  • Using exfoliation removes dead skin cells, removes pollutants, dirt, and oil from the skin, and unclogs pores.
  • lowering skin oil production and inflammation, decreasing inflammation, eliminating acne-causing germs, and enhancing skin moisture

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and light therapy may be used in professional acne facials. Although there are numerous home versions of these products and gadgets, their efficacy and safety remain unknown.

Things To Consider

If you have acne, you may feel like you’re constantly hunting for a remedy. Unluckily, a facial is not it. However, it can soothe the illness. The effectiveness depends on several factors, including the products used, the frequency of facials, and the aesthetician’s ability. 

If this scenario seems all too familiar, it is time to break the cycle of acne. The experts at Maki Wellness Center can tailor a skincare routine to help you eliminate acne and get the clear, radiant complexion you’ve always desired. In addition, we offer chemical peels and other treatments for scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Learn how to select the best facial for your skin. What to expect during your visit, and more by reading the following.

Types of Facials and Acne-Friendly Facials

Depending on your skin’s needs, there are a variety of facial treatments from which to pick. Some facials are designed to treat acne, while others reduce scarring or discolouration caused by acne. The following are the most common facials for acne-prone skin.

Classic Facial

A typical classic facial includes deep washing, extraction of whiteheads and blackheads, massage of the head and neck, and relaxation. The objective of a traditional facial is for the recipient to awaken looking and feeling rested and revitalized.


This cosmetic treatment resembles expert pore-digging to eliminate small outbreaks. The purpose of a decongesting facial is to unclog pores and assist in dissolving the outer layers of skin for renewing and maintaining clean pores.

LED Facial

LED facials emit a mixture of infrared light that is white, red, and blue. These lights affect the skin’s texture, collagen, and microorganisms. This light therapy is designed to combat aggressive acne and is excellent for individuals with sensitive skin.

Microdermabrasion Facial

This treatment is one of the quickest ways to achieve a healthy glow, involving handheld equipment to remove the top layers of dead skin. With this facial, depression scars and discoloration can improve. The desired outcome of microdermabrasion is skin that is brighter, smoother, and more evenly toned.

Enhancing Facial

Brightening facials include a combination of acid peels, masks, and serums to treat dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation. The objective of a brightening facial is to diminish the discolouration caused by acne.

What to anticipate during your appointment

Note any medications you are currently taking and your typical skincare regimen. You should be requested to complete a consultation form upon arrival. You will be asked about your skin, general health, and current medications. 

This is where the note is valid. Take care to answer every question as thoroughly and truthfully as possible. Don’t forget to mention any specific concerns to your dermatologist.

Then, you will be transported to the treatment area. Specific cosmetic treatments may require you to remove your top and your bra if you wear one. The professional will exit the room while you undress.

Make yourself comfy on the bed by placing the offered sheet or towel over your body. The facial will then commence. The technique will depend on the approach you choose. But every type should begin with a thorough cleansing to remove makeup and grime.

If it is a typical facial, you may anticipate being in the room for approximately one hour. Time-saving procedures include microdermabrasion and LED therapy. Before you depart, you will be given aftercare instructions and advice on maintaining your skin’s appearance.

Some clinics may provide the opportunity to purchase second-hand products. Our dermatologist will also recommend when you should schedule your next session.

Side Effects & Risk

Acne can be worse with very aggressive treatments. A severe exfoliation may cause redness and edema. Also applicable to excessive extractions. An experienced aesthetician can and should mitigate all of these adverse effects. 

Specific procedures carry a few additional hazards. A person with acne who is interested in LED treatment and microdermabrasion, for instance, should see a professional before having the operation.

This medication’s infrequent adverse effects include bruising, burning, stinging, and photosensitivity.

Get Your Acne Facial Treatment Today!

It can be challenging to discover how to treat acne at home. There are so many products on the market that claim to treat acne. But not every product for acne is made to treat all types of acne well. 

Because of this, the skincare experts at Maki Wellness Center can help you figure out which solution will work best for your skin type. Come into one of our offices today instead of guessing which active ingredients will help and which won’t. 

We’ll help you know and get you started on an effective treatment plan that will save your budget in the long run and help you get the clear skin you want as soon as possible.

Call us today and let us assist you with your acne problems. We’ve got our expert team of doctors who can perform facial treatments for your acne. We can’t wait to help you achieve your aesthetic goals!


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